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The Software

How does the Doctor Plagiarism software work?

Our algorithm will compare your thesis to the most comprehensive website databases, journals, encyclopaedias, and over 80 million scholarly articles. This way, you can be sure that the original text from which you took the information is identified by our system, as it will be by your university’s anti-plagiarism software.

How does the plagiarism check work?

The Doctor Plagiarism software performs a plagiarism check, which is now mandatory in all universities, by means of an automatic algorithm that compares your thesis or your paper to two types of databases: college or university level texts (even unpublished ones which amounts to 105 million documents) and public web pages.

Our software grants you access to those databases and libraries that, despite requiring payment, will ensure an accurate and complete plagiarism detection, unlike the free software out there that will only compared your work to web pages.

Doctor Plagiarism will send you easy-to-understand results: we will highlight the part(s) of text that did not pass the plagiarism check, allowing you to remove or change it effectively.

Can the Doctor Plagiarism software find less problematic text than my university's software?

Our software uses a database that includes 80 million scientific papers, in addition to other documents, as well as a crawler that will find any published content online. For this reason, the results you will receive from us will be comparable to your university’s plagiarism check.

Which universities has your plagiarism check been tested for?

Doctor Plagiarism software supports all notable universities.

Which languages is the Doctor Plagiarism software compatible with?

Our algorithm can detect plagiarism in 129 languages including English, Italian, French and Spanish, as well as Greek, Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

How many words/pages are checked by Doctor Plagiarism?

Our system checks 250 words per page. Usually, other plagiarism tools will examine between 100 and 250 words per page.

What is the difference between your anti-plagiarism software and those used by other sites?

The Doctor Plagiarism check includes several key differences:

  • It is one of the few tools that can detect both plagiarism and copy-pasted text. This way, you will simply be notified which sections of your work are plagiarised so you can correct them.
  • Other anti-plagiarism software will not disclose this type of information, meaning you will be unaware of what exactly the problematic text is.
  • We have access to a text database that includes both online (identified immediately after publication) and offline (containing 80 million documents) work.
  • Doctor Plagiarism’s results are comparable to your university’s plagiarism check, allowing you to use this information to pass the check.
  • We can provide a correction service for plagiarised sections of text due to our exclusive collaboration with StudioTesi24. Our skilled consultants can edit any flawed thesis with guaranteed quality service, even within 24 hours.
  • We offer the most complete report among all the software providers for undergraduate students available online, at the best price: all inclusive (data, percentages, plagiarised sections) (data, percentages, plagiarised sections).
  • Free quote with no required registration!
  • We offer personal assistance in English and Italian.
  • We offer personalised assistance: we can walk you through the plagiarism check procedure and offer you custom advice.
  • We have several years of experience and knowledge that we are happy to share with you.

Our Report

How long does it take to receive my plagiarism report?

Our plagiarism detection software analyses each page in detail in 30 to 120 seconds. The time it takes to finish the report and email you the confirmation depends on your thesis’ number of pages and words. Typically, it takes at least 10 minutes for our algorithm to compare your work to the available databases and send you a confirmation email with a link to your report.

What information does a Doctor Plagiarism report reveal?

The report that is drawn up after the examination of your thesis will show the original paper with underlined sentences that have been marked as plagiarised (you will be able to clearly identify them). These sentences will be divided into colours which mean the following 5 things:

  • Similes: the percentage of plagiarism uncovered in your thesis when compared to our databases. Does the text that the software algorithm identified as plagiarism include replaced words or has the sentence’s word order been changed;
  • Misquotations: no/incorrect quotation marks or missing source;
  • Quotations: Are the citations used in your thesis accurate and are they at risk of being labelled as plagiarism by your university?
  • Concentration level: what is the distribution of plagiarism in your thesis. Assuming that the plagiarised text, for example, is concentrated in a certain chapter of your thesis, the concentration level will be particularly high. On the other hand, if the plagiarism is distributed evenly throughout the thesis, this percentage will drop. Some plagiarism detection software used by universities assign severe fines based on the percentage of plagiarism detected.

If you require a thorough and professional check of your academic papers, please contact us: for a small fee, our advisors may perform an additional manual plagiarism check, which includes an additional 80 million articles and scientific publications. Approximately 80% of all articles published worldwide are included in our academic database.

Can I contact you for questions or information about the report?

Email info@doctorplagiarism.com or WhatsApp via +393477422918 (we will not answer calls, only text messages).

Which is the right format to download my Doctor Plagiarism report?

Currently, our report will be sent to you safely and anonymously through our website, by means of a private web page that includes your report. When our algorithm has finished analysing your thesis, you will receive a confirmation email with a hidden link that will allow you to access your online report. Just like any other webpage, you can store it offline as well.

Payments and Refunds

Can I ask for a refund if I have any problems with my plagiarism report?

Yes. If the service was not delivered or if technical errors or other unforeseen occurrences have hindered the preparation of your report, you can contact us for assistance: we will be happy to provide you with a correct report or a refund, as applicable.

How do I pay?

After receiving our free automatic quote, you may pay for our plagiarism check service online using PayPal or a Credit Card.

Are payments to Doctor Plagiarism safe?
All payments conducted via our site are protected as we rely on the security of the PayPal system; the most used and known digital money transfer service in the world.
Why should I pay for your plagiarism report if I can find free programmes online?

The free programmes you can find online either do not provide a reliable plagiarism check or have document length limits that won’t allow you to check your entire thesis. In some cases, they will only show the percentage of plagiarism without showing the copy-pasted text unless you pay. For this reason, it is safer and faster to rely directly on a professional service such as Doctor Plagiarism: you will immediately be shown the fee for our services, and you will be sure to receive a complete and reliable report allowing you to truly improve your thesis and avoid problems with your university.

Account and Privacy

Can I remain anonymous whilst using your services?

Of course, just enter a name of your choice and an existing email address. You will receive a message when your report is ready after which you can view it directly online, without the need to provide your personal details. We will not share the information you have provided with anyone. Don’t worry, Doctor Plagiarism is a 100% anonymous service that will respect your privacy.

Will my thesis be republished or used for other purposes?

Absolutely not. The document you have uploaded to Doctor Plagiarism will be used only and exclusively for an anti-plagiarism check. Your thesis will not be used in any other way and it will not be republished. We guarantee that any uploaded content will remain completely private.

How can I open my plagiarism report once I have received the confirmation email?

A link to your report will be included in the confirmation email with the subject “Your Doctor Plagiarism order was successful.”

Click on this link and log into the site using the details you received via email when you placed your order.

What are the consequences of a high percentage of plagiarism in my thesis?

Depending on when the plagiarism is detected in your thesis, you may face the following consequences:

  • Your professor may reject your thesis, in which case you need to rewrite it.
  • The examination board has the authority to reject your thesis.
  • In the worst-case scenario, you could be sued for plagiarism.

As a result, we recommend you check your thesis only with professional software to ensure that all potentially suspicious sentences have been detected.

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