A Plagiarism Checker that is 100% Reliable and Compatible

Only professional software can provide the reliable verification that you require for your academic essay.

How can you tell if a plagiarism checker is trustworthy?

You want to check your dissertation for plagiarism: you already know how important it is to ensure there isn’t a high percentage of plagiarism before sending it to your professor.

But how do you ensure you find the same percentage of plagiarism as your university?

Plagiarism checkers used by your university are highly complex and professional software that compare your thesis to millions of academic documents and websites.
This comparison is used to find sentences that are similar to those that already exist (which could have been copied, even if a few words have been changed).

Only by using software similar to what your professor uses can you be sure that your results are reliable and compatible.


This page explains why Doctor Plagiarism provides a 100% reliable result and how you can check for compatibility with your university’s checks. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do to avoid plagiarism (even if it’s unintentional).

Confirm which plagiarism checker your university uses.

It is critical to determine which plagiarism checker your university uses and which and how many sources it will examine. 

Different programmes will compare your thesis to other languages and databases, yielding different results that could be more effective in helping you correct your essay and remove plagiarism.

For example, the software most commonly used by UK universities is Turnitin. Keep in mind it is not directly accessible to students so you cannot use the same software your professor will use. 

But don’t worry, in the following paragraph we will show you how to perform a compatible plagiarism check, even if you don’t have the same software. 

Send us a message if you need clarification on which plagiarism checker is used by your university.

We will assist you in finding the right one, completely anonymously.

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Determine which anti-plagiarism checkers are available to students and whether they are compatible with the ones your university uses

Knowing which plagiarism checker your university uses can show which other software options are available.

The two most important factors to consider when determining plagiarism checker compatibility are: 

  • The number and variety of sources that will be compared. 
  • The number of supported languages. 

Plagscan, for example, compares your thesis to public websites as well as a database containing 83 million books, articles and academic papers in 45 different languages.

Doctor Plagiarism is a compatible plagiarism checker because it compares your thesis to public websites and has a database containing 80+ million books, articles and academic papers in 129 languages. 

Examine the plagiarism report for completeness.

Another critical aspect of a trustworthy plagiarism checker is the completeness of the report you receive after verification. 

If you want to be sure that you find the sentences marked as similarities and possible plagiarism, so you can correct them before submitting your essay, look for the following in the anti-plagiarism report: 

  • The red text in your thesis, with highlighted sentences indicating similarities (possible direct plagiarism).
  • The yellow text in your dissertation, with highlighted sentences indicating paraphrases (possible plagiarism with changed words).
  • The purple text in your essay, with highlighted sentences indicating incorrect citations or inclusions (potential sources not inserted correctly).

With this information listed in the report, you’ll know straight away which sentences in your thesis need to be changed (because they will affect the risk of plagiarism) and how to do so.

Carefully examine whether the plagiarism checker provides a comprehensive report with all this information, as we do for our Doctor Plagiarism reports.

You can avoid plagiarism in your essay and the associated practical and criminal consequences by following the advice listed in the report.

Examine the plagiarism checker's privacy settings

If you care about using trustworthy software, you should also be concerned about your privacy. When using a plagiarism checker, there are two things to keep an eye out for: 

  • Is your personal information (such as your name or the university you attend) saved or shared? 
  • Is the text used in your thesis saved or used elsewhere?

Some anti-plagiarism software providers, for example, require your personal information (name, surname, address) for registration. Turnitin and Plagscan will save and reuse your thesis in their database as a document with which they compare future theses of other students. 

We, however, will never ask for your personal information to perform an anti-plagiarism check. Your professor will never know that you used our Doctor Plagiarism software. Your thesis will never be saved for any other purpose than the requested check.


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Is it better to use free or paid plagiarism checker?

When checking your academic essay for plagiarism, relying on free software can be risky. Free websites have limited resources, no accurate algorithms and no dependable databases: the percentage of plagiarism they detect is incompatible with your university's checks! 

Aggregating data from free plagiarism sites and professional checkers. For more information, visit our page listing the best plagiarism software providers to learn about the differences between the various services, essential features and  available prices.

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We are available to answer any questions or doubts you may have.

From the operating of our plagiarism checker to providing the solutions that will remove any detected plagiarism in your academic essay, we are here for you!

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