How do you pick the best software to match your needs?

Plagiarism Checker Software:
Free VS Paid

Free anti-plagiarism software will save you money but will it validate your essay?

How can you be sure that your university will not report your thesis for plagiarism?

When checking for plagiarism, relying on free software can be tricky. Consider this: how does plagiarism checker software work? 

Free websites have limited resources, no accurate algorithms and no trustworthy databases. Most of the time, they just check to see if you have copied any text from another website. They will scan your document to see if any words are similar to those found online.

Your university, however, purchases expensive licenses to use professional plagiarism software with highly complex algorithms. These professional providers will compare your thesis with private databases that include millions of books, journals, research papers and industry documents, in addition to a detailed comparison with websites. 

As a result, using a free plagiarism checker is pointless from a university standpoint: the results of the two checks are entirely different. Free software will detect a different percentage of plagiarism than your professor will.

Only professional software providers (such as those available for students with databases of 80+ million documents) can tell you how much plagiarism is detected in your thesis. Of course, the reliability of software comes at a cost. However, it will cost less than you think: 

Starting at £0.33 per page.

Try it now. The difference between freeware and professional software.

Suppose you want to independently test the free websites’ results (which are incompatible with your university’s checks). In that case, you can go to the following pages and read about how the anti-plagiarism software works: 

To see the difference between Doctor Plagiarism’s professional report and your university’s checks, upload your thesis in this form and receive a free plagiarism check quote. 


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This way, you can see what needs to be changed in your thesis to prevent it from being copied (even unintentionally) while also considering plagiarism’s practical and criminal consequences.

Frequently asked questions:

Can the results of free plagiarism checkers be used for anything else if they are incompatible with those of my university? 

Because you don’t have to pay for free websites, you could use them if you already know you’ve copied something from the internet and want to see if they can figure it out. However, remember that these free providers are not sophisticated. In many cases, they will not detect plagiarism. 

Why do these free websites provide a plagiarism checker?

In many cases, they try to profit from the advertising on their website, from initially hidden additional services, to forcing you to download unsafe software or collecting your data (email, name) to send you advertising newsletters or resell your details to third parties.

I don’t have a credit or debit card, so how can I use paid software?

Professional software providers almost always accept PayPal. You can also top up with a simple bank transfer or post office transaction. Alternatively, email us at and we will get back to you to figure out how we can help you pay in a different way.

Is online payment secure? 

Professional plagiarism software providers always use secure servers and dependable payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Follow the online payment safety rules and always ensure that the website supports the HTTPS protocol and that the payment service is available during checkout. Only use well-known services such as Doctor Plagiarism, Plagscan, Plagramme, and others listed on our anti-plagiarism software page.

Is it risky to share my academic essay online?

It depends on the site you choose, in some cases your text may need to be saved in their databases. Check the Privacy sections of the websites to which you are about to upload your thesis to see if it will be reused in any way. You can relax with Doctor Plagiarism because we will always protect your data and privacy.

Other concerns, doubts or curiosities? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about free and paid plagiarism services. We are happy to answer all of your questions and assist you in understanding how to verify your thesis safely and anonymously.

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Public Database

We are registered with various databases to use a truly massive amount of documents, as well as the ability to access documents online. This allows us to provide accurate and complete anti-plagiarism reports.

Competitive price

Despite the costs of developing and accessing databases, we have managed to keep our service fees low enough to be the best - and most convenient - option for our customers.

Turnkey service

We never stop: our team has been trained and is highly qualified to follow up on each customer even after the plagiarism check has been completed. Using the StudioTesi24 brand, we also provide thesis correction and drafting services.

Public Database

We are registered to various databases, for a truly immense corpus of documents, as well as the possibility of accessing documents online, to offer accurate and complete as possible anti-plagiarism reports.

Competitive price

Despite the costs of developing and accessing databases, we have managed to contain the selling price of our service, so as to be the best - and the most convenient - choice for our customers.

Turnkey service

We never stop: our team is trained and highly qualified to follow each customer even after the plagiarism scan. We offer thesis correction and drafting services using StudioTesi24 brand.