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The percentage of plagiarism found in quotes, sentences and links to sources will be highlighted directly in your academic essay.

You will find all the information you need to determine whether your thesis will be rejected due to plagiarism. 

Doctor Plagiarism is a professional software for detecting plagiarism and is always compatible with your university’s software. 

Before submitting your dissertation to your professor, request our plagiarism report to see if any sentences need to be changed to avoid any practical or criminal consequences. 

Your text is always displayed in the report in the same way as your original document, with the same images and pages, but with different colours highlighting the problems in the text.

This lets you quickly see the highlighted sentences and how to change them. For more information, you can also read our article on how our plagiarism software works.

In the Doctor Plagiarism report, you will find:

Similarities are highlighted in red. 

This includes similarities in the text you uploaded and all other texts in our database. When the Doctor Plagiarism algorithm detects words or entire paragraphs in your academic essay that are identical to texts in our database or on the internet, the parts in question are highlighted in red. If necessary, you can purchase the report with direct links to the sources that have been identified after the check has been completed.

In some cases, it is sufficient to rewrite the sentences or correctly format them if they include quotes you intend to use in your dissertation.

Our software uses the highlighted sections to calculate the risk of plagiarism. The similarity percentage is calculated by dividing the number of words that have been highlighted in red by the total number of words in the document. 

The percentage noted in the Doctor Plagiarism report corresponds to the amount of plagiarism identified by your university. Typically, the maximum percentage that is allowed is between 10% and 25% (the number varies depending on the faculty and university).

Before beginning to write your thesis, it is essential you understand how not to copy, even if you do so unintentionally.

Paraphrase: highlighted in yellow in the report. 

These sections of the uploaded text bear a passing resemblance to other texts in our database or on the internet. They could be sentences you rewrote with only a few words differing from the original. 

The Doctor Plagiarism report highlights them in yellow. Regarding the similarities, you should rewrite them or check and format them correctly if they were used as quotes.

The similarity percentage is calculated by dividing the number of words highlighted in yellow by the total number of words in the document. The highlighted amount of paraphrases in your thesis should be, at most, 5 or 6%.

Correct quotes are highlighted in green. 

These sections in your essay have been identified as citations from other sources or phrases you have used by correctly inserting them in high quotation marks, corporals, or with the author and year indicated between brackets. 

In the Doctor Plagiarism report, quotations are highlighted in green. In most cases, you do not need to make any changes to the thesis because you have consciously included those citations in your text.

Keep in mind, however, that some universities and for many types of theses, the percentage of citations should not be too high, as the majority of the text must be original.

Incorrect citations or inclusions are highlighted in purple. 

These are the parts of the text that have been identified as incomplete citations taken from other sources or sentences reported in your academic essay without using all of the original words. 

In the Doctor Plagiarism report, incorrect citations are highlighted in purple. Check whether the quote’s content is correct or if any essential parts are missing.

How to apply the information listed in the report:

After downloading your plagiarism report, you can easily see where the similarities, paraphrases and citations (both correct and incorrect) have been identified and, if necessary, how to modify or correct them. 

We recommend you begin by checking the extensive highlighted parts (entire paragraphs or many sentences close together), as these are the text blocks that will impact your university’s plagiarism checks the most. 

When only a few words are highlighted in the report, they are usually not considered. 

If you have any concerns about the results of your report, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: we are happy to assist you with ensuring the originality of your thesis.

Is it better to use free or paid plagiarism checker?

When checking your academic essay for plagiarism, relying on free software can be risky. Free websites have limited resources, no accurate algorithms and no dependable databases: the percentage of plagiarism they detect is incompatible with your university's checks! 

Aggregating data from free plagiarism sites and professional checkers. For more information, visit our page listing the best plagiarism software providers to learn about the differences between the various services, essential features and  available prices.

It would be best if you used professional plagiarism software to keep your university from being audited.

Free plagiarism checks only provide partial results. They need to give you a detailed report on the text you uploaded online, and the percentage they discover may differ from the percentage your professor discovers. 

This is because free plagiarism sites have limited and inaccurate functionalities such as only checking the similarities between your thesis and the texts found on Google.

Other paid plagiarism sites provide ambiguous results such as an uncertain plagiarism rate, a limited database and the inability to see which parts of the text are problematic.

You pay for subpar information that will not help you correct your thesis.

Doctor Plagiarism’s software, on the other hand, is a full-service and professional aid for students: we use the same databases and algorithms your university’s plagiarism software does (which is not available to students). This is why the results provided by Doctor Plagiarism are always detailed and reliable. Our service offers the following options:

  • Always a free quote. 
  • A thorough plagiarism report, similar to what your university uses 
  • All students have access to an anonymous anti-plagiarism service (your professor will not know that you have used Doctor Plagiarism). 
  • An accurate percentage of plagiarism in your dissertation. 
  • The phrases identified as plagiarised are highlighted (to easily see where to make the changes). 
  • The difference between plagiarised, quoted and paraphrased sentences are clear. 
  • PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are all accepted payment methods. 
  • Reports are always available in your private account for one month. 
  • Advice on removing plagiarism and technical assistance.

UK and European universities pay exorbitant license fees to use plagiarism software: it is easy to see how a free checker can produce different results and how only a paid service can provide a reliable report. 

Doctor Plagiarism provides you with the security of professional plagiarism checker.




Wrong Quotes

Reminders for the Doctor Plagiarism Report 

  • The Doctor Plagiarism report contains similes to other documents. Plagiarism occurs when you copy something from another document without correctly quoting it or passing it off as your own. 
  • Because notes, indexes, and bibliographies are included in the checks, universities typically accept 10-15% of similes without any issues. 
  • The section highlighted in red in the Doctor Plagiarism report appears to have been quoted incorrectly. 
  • To reduce the similarity percentage, you must properly quote or rewrite it. 
  • There are red numbers listed in the Doctor Plagiarism report: parts with the same number appear to have been taken from the same source. 
  • The lower the number, the more times the same source appears in the text.  
A professional plagiarism check, available to students.

Finally, the anti-plagiarism report you’ve always dreamed of (and the one you really need).

Thanks to an immense database consisting of public sources and academic documents, our Doctor Plagiarism anti-plagiarism checker is not limited to just a full textual analysis. Instead, the report you will receive is our strong point; a detailed plagiarism report available in your account, that you can access whenever you want.


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Public Database

We are registered to various databases, for a truly immense corpus of documents, as well as the possibility of accessing documents online, to offer accurate and complete as possible anti-plagiarism reports.

Competitive price

Despite the costs of developing and accessing databases, we have managed to contain the selling price of our service, so as to be the best - and the most convenient - choice for our customers.

Turnkey service

We never stop: our team is trained and highly qualified to follow each customer even after the plagiarism scan. We offer thesis correction and drafting services using StudioTesi24 brand.

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