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When checking your academic essay for plagiarism, relying on free software can be risky. Free websites have limited resources, no accurate algorithms and no dependable databases: the percentage of plagiarism they detect is incompatible with your university's checks! 

Aggregating data from free plagiarism sites and professional checkers. For more information, visit our page listing the best plagiarism software providers to learn about the differences between the various services, essential features and  available prices.

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    How our consulting services for plagiarism work:

    Since 2012, we have assisted many UK and European university students with avoiding the practical and criminal consequences of plagiarism. 

    To correct any plagiarism in your academic dissertation, we will start with a detailed report by Doctor Plagiarism to determine which parts of the text are problematic. Depending on the type of plagiarism, we will recommend the best solution for removing it based on our previous experience with similar cases.

    In order to correctly rewrite the problematic paragraphs, we will check your university’s layout, format, and citation rules to ensure that the text is consistent with the requirements.

    Once you have corrected all the pages, we will rerun the Doctor Plagiarism software to confirm the removal of the plagiarised text. 

    If our software still finds a high percentage of plagiarism, we will look at the text together and figure out how to get the percentage below your university’s limit. 

    If necessary, we can also assist you with formatting and layout, creating bibliographic and lithographic indexes and identifying appropriate sources and citations. We would be happy to help you obtain your degree while always ensuring the punctuality and professionalism of our university consultancy.

    Students can access a secure plagiarism report.

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